Southland Church of Christ
Southland Church of Christ

Where to Find Us:

Southland Church of Christ
2201 26th Street

Bedford, IN 47421

Phone: 812 279-4954

Welcome to Southland !

Southland Church of Christ was established in Bedford, Indiana in 1958.  Since that time we have been striving to serve Jesus and reach out to our community.  It is our simple desire to have hearts like Jesus.  We would love to have you join us in these efforts!  

                    Ripples . . . . .


                    Drop a pebble in the water;

                         just a splash,  and it is gone:

                    But there's half-a-hundred ripples

                         circling on and on and on.

                    Spreading, spreading from the center,

                         flowing on out to the sea,

                    And there is no way of telling

                         where the end is going to be.


                                                   Author Unknown

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